2017: The year of My Undead Mother-in-law by Andy Zach

2017: The year of My Undead Mother-in-law

I thought I’d review 2017: The year of My Undead Mother-in-law. I know, everyone else does this at the end of 2017. Don’t expect normal behavior from a comic paranormal animal author!

(Hint to impatient people: the good stuff is at the end!)

2017 My Undead Mother-in-law
Get your copy of My Undead Mother-in-law by clicking here!

January 2017: First Author Appearance and . . .

I was on my last chapter of my first draft of My Undead Mother-in-law and I appeared at the bookstore I Know You Like A Book.

Read all about it here.

Up next is . . .

February 2017: Filing Author Taxes plus My Undead Mother-in-law Closing

Yup, authors have to file taxes, so I blogged about it here.

And I also told about my agonies in closing out the first draft of My Undead Mother-in-law here.

I’m sure the Newby family would approve!

My Undead Mother-in-law back cover
My Undead Mother-in-law back cover, no blurb.

March 2017:  Editing My Undead Mother-in-law and more!

Finally, I finished my first draft! That meant I had to edit it now. I document all the details right here, in 6 Editing Tips. But that wasn’t good enough. I had to continue the thought with 6 More Editing Tips here.

I also gave away my newsletter and books away then. I still do today!

April 2017: An Author Appearance and Income Tax Filing, O My!

I appeared at Her Majesty’s Tea Room in Dunlap Illinois. You’ll get the full report here.

Then I did my own comparison of three common tax programs for April 15th at this blog link.

What’s the ‘O My’ for? This!

May 2017: Professional Editing Begins!

I got my book to my editor Dori Harrell earlier than Zombie Turkeys. There’s always trepidation that my second book wouldn’t be as good as the first. I tried to make it better. I heard back from her in June.

With that, I fixed My Undead Mother-in-law’s publication date to July 2017–on Amazon.

I also had my author reading at the Lit On Fire bookstore in Peoria.  Finally, I announced my short story ‘A Phoenix Tale’, was available for free, even today.

June 2017: Excitement for Publication Builds

First, I revealed my front and back covers and gave away free books.

Then I gave away my newsletter and shared my latest reviews for Zombie Turkeys.

Zombie Turkeys front cover

Zombie Turkeys front cover. Click to get a copy!

July 2017: My Undead Mother-in-law ebook Published

Then the paperback was published. That’s reality; it takes longer to get the paperback book published on CreateSpace than the ebook on Kindle.

I also had this author interview by MacKenzie Flohr. Expect to laugh when you read it!

August 2017: I’m So Busy! Book Launch, Interviews, and More!

First, there was the Book Launch itself at Barnes and Noble and also online on Facebook.

I had an internet radio interview here, in Jesse’s Coffee shop.

I also had a TV appearance in Peoria which you can watch here.

September 2017: Funny Reviews Here!

You don’t want to miss these hilarious reviews of My Undead Mother-in-law.

The other big development was I began to produce my Zombie Turkeys audiobook!  Read about it here.

Zombie Turkeys audiobook cover. Click to get!

That brings us to the next month.

October 2017: The Anniversary of Zombie Turkeys and . . .

To celebrate all month I blogged about the very best of Zombie Turkeys on the internet.

I also wrote my first guest blog right here, ‘What Drew Me to Write Horror Stories’.

Now we’re up to —

November 2017: Zombie Turkeys Audiobook Published!

I was so thrilled I fell behind in NaNoMo! My new novel’s name Paranormal Privateers.I worked so hard winning NaNoMo (by writing 50,000+ words), I didn’t write any blog posts. Until December 1st.

Be sure you listen to the audio sample of Zombie Turkeys! That came out in November.

Finally, we come to:

December 2017: A Wild and Wonderful Year Closes

For my year end gift to my fans, I gave some advanced reader excerpts of Paranormal Privateers.

For my very last post I give you 3 media kit tips and still more excerpts.

And now you, faithful reader, know what my year was like!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a gift! Reply to this post, or contact me and I’ll send you a free Zombie Turkeys ebook!

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